History 316.1 Africa in the Nineteenth Century.

Here you will find lecture notes and some readings for the course.You may download and print them off. Please remember that all of this material is copyrighted, and if you use any of it in essays etc.,you must give proper credit as you would any other research material from books or articles.

1 Geographical Background

Rainfall map of Africa

Vegetation map of Africa

Major food crops maps

2 Types of Economy

3 Africa and Ancient Egypt

4 Bantu Languages and their Origins

5 Political Systems in Africa

6 Nkole and the Interlacustrine Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Ganda

7 Dahomey

The King of Dahomey and his Court

8 Religion in Africa

9 The Zulu Kingdom and Shaka

10 The Ngwato

11 The Nuer and Stateless Societies

The Historian and Stateless Societies

Lucy Mair: Minimal Government

12 The Kikuyu

map of Kenya

13 Law and Tradition

14 The Status of Women

15 The Pre-Scramble Period

16 The Slave Trades and Abolition

17 Christian Missions and their Impact

18 White Settlers in South Africa

Piet Retief's Manifesto. 12K

19 European Motivations in the Scramble

Cecil Rhodes: Confession of Faith 1877 16K

20 African Responses to European Intrusion


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