History 317.2 Africa in the Twentieth Century.

Here you will find lecture notes and some readings for the course.You may download and print them off. Please remember that all this material is copyrighted, and if you use any of it in essays etc.,you must give proper credit as you would any other research material from books or articles.

1 Overview

2 Effects of World War 1

3 British Colonial Policies

Additional Readings on Indirect Rule

4 French Colonial Policies

Additional Readings on French Colonial Policies

5 Belgian Colonial Policies

Crawford: Direct Rule, the Belgian Model

Petillon: Native Policy in the Congo

6 Portuguese Colonialism

7 White Settlers in British Colonies

8 Pan Africanism

Edward Blyden: An Education for Africa

9 Negritude

Senghor: Negritude, A Humanism of the Twentieth Century

10 African Socialism

Nyerere: Education for Self-reliance

Nkrumah: African Socialism Revisited

11 Christianity and its Role

Mills The Roots of African Nationalism: Temperance 1866-1898

Mills The Fork in the Road

Mills Millennial Christianity, Brit. Imperialism and African Nationalism

12 African Initiated Churches

Mills Missionaries, Xhosa Clergy and the Suppression of Traditional Customs

"A Branch Springs Out": African Initiated Churches

13 African Nationalism

map of Kenya

14 Issues in Modernisation

Mboya: The Party System and Democracy in Africa


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