Current Students:

MSc in Applied Psychology - Forensic Stream:

  • Melissa Corbett
  • Elizabeth Gerhardt
  • Mitch Kilger
  • Payton McPhee
  • Jordyn Monaghan

Honours in Psychology:

  • Anne Gervase
  • John Hillier
  • Jonathan Mansvelt
  • Livia Pittalis
  • Isabelle Robichaud


  • Melissa Corbett

    Directed Research Project: Romantic Relationships with Justice Involved Individuals

  • Genelle Morash

    Honours Project: Familiarity and Use of Sexual Assault Services in Student Athletes and Non-Athlete Students

  • Rebecca Nicholson

    Honours Project: Liar, Liar, Who's on Fire: Personality Traits, Deception, and High-Stakes Situations

  • Jaylynn Skeete

    Directed Research Project: University Students' Substance Use: Exploring the Role of Personality Traits and Demographic Factors


  • Alice Bruce

    Master's Project: Racial and Political Bias in Parole Decision Making

  • Jennifer McArthur

    Master's Project: Digital Dating Abuse: Applications of the Theory of Planned Behaviour

  • Kayla Parsons

    Master's Project: Experiences in the Foster Care System and Criminality in Women

  • Lama Abo Zeidan

    Honours Project: TThe relationship between psychopathic traits and cyberbullying

  • Alexis Blake

    Honours Project: Investigation of sexual assault case dismissals: Reasons and justification

  • Jorden Conrad

    Honours Project: An honest dilemma: Exploring relationships between empathy, personality, and prosocial lying

  • Payton McPhee

    Honours Project: Credibility in the courtroom: A standardized procedure or guessing game?

  • Chloe White

    Honours Project: Motives and correlates of digital dating aggression in young adults

  • Taeghan Whynott

    Honours Project: Impacts of the COVID-19 public health measures on the criminal justice system and wellness courts of Nova Scotia


  • Taylor MacNeill

    Master's Project: “I've certainly grown from all of this”: Factors related to criminal behaviour and desistance from crime among Canadian, justice-involved women

  • Kezia Bailey

    Honours Project: The Correlation Between Early Childhood Events and Arrests

  • Zoë Dunsworth

    Honours Project: World Wide Web of Lies: The Relationship between Self-Esteem, the Dark Tetrad and Online Deception


  • Catherine Bourgeois

    Honours Project: The effect of early dual-language acquisition on ability to handle cognitive load in deception detection-based interviews

  • Directed Research Project: Discharge planning for Canadian offenders

  • Skylar Cameron

    Honours Project: Instrumental versus hostile aggression in violent offenders

  • Chloe Champion

    Directed Research Project: Forensic interviews with children

  • Brittany Fitzgerald

    Honours Project: Exploring the relationship between episodic memory and emotional trauma

  • Rayanda Jarvis

    Honours Project: Motivations for Lying

  • Hillary Jones

    Honours Project: Victim Impact Statements in Canada: Exploring the medium and emotionality of the message


  • Kathleen Hyland

    Master's Project: Were you being coercive or providing an opportunity to come clean? An Investigation of Alternative Questions

  • Teri Buffett

    Directed Research Project: The Assessment of Validity and Reliability of the Methods Used to Assess Competency to Stand Trial – A Literature Review

  • Samantha Perry

    Directed Research Project: STEPS Forward: An Exploration of Advantageous Crisis Negotiation Characteristics

  • Micaela Totino

    Directed Research Project: Identifying a Relationship between False Confessions and Defensive Styles: Implications for Interrogation Techniques

  • Josie Furlong

    Honours Project: The Relationship between Expressed Emotion and Perpetrated Violence

  • Angelica Kibets

    Honours Project: Cheating in the Laboratory: Examining its Association with Compliance and Psychopathy

  • Jennifer McArthur

    Directed Research Project: Jury instructions and perceptions of credibility

  • Audhora Rahman

    Directed Research Project: Exploring employment programs in Canadian prisons

  • Ruth Shelton

    Honours Project: Therapeutic Progress: How Important is Early Improvement?

  • Aisha Zaman

    Honours Project: Does Adult Attachment Style Predict Adult Attachment Style in Violent Offenders?


  • Taylor Hill

    Directed Research Project: The Psychology of Death Among Older Offenders

  • Taylor MacNeill

    Directed Research Project: Trauma Experiences and Substance Use in Canadian Women Offenders

  • Anna McInnis

    Honours Project: Strategies of Deception for Academic Excuses

  • Kayla Parsons

    Honours Project: Perceptions of Risk and Patterns of Substance Use in a University Population

  • Alicia Rogers

    Honours Project: Exploring Personality Variables and Risk Factors: Comparing University Students and Incarcerated Populations

  • Amber Woodworth

    Honours Project: Successful Psychopathy: Student Academic Achievement


  • Jordan Archibald

    Honours Thesis: Exploring the Relationship between Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Memory among Violent Male Offenders

  • Stephanie Goodwin

    Honours Thesis: Verbal Credibility in Memory of Emotionally Negative Events

  • Rebecca Johnson

    Honours Thesis: The Skeptic Lie Detector: Investigating the Relationship between Skepticism, Personality Variables, and Lie Detection Ability

  • Brette Perry

    Honours Thesis: Psychopathy and Verbal Behaviour: A Look into the Use of Affective Language

  • Taylor Hill

    Directed Research Project: Exploring Nonverbal Deception Detection

  • Kayla Parsons

    Directed Research Project: Social Learning Theory and the Effects of Parental Behaviour Modeling: Alcohol Abuse in Adolescence and Adulthood


  • Megan Neil

    Honours Thesis: University Student Substance Misuse: The Correlates of Substance Abuse Among Canadian University Students

  • Fallon Ripley

    Honours Thesis: Two Truths and a Lie: Deception Strategies and Personality Variables

  • Jordan Ritchie

    Honours Thesis: Two Truths and a Lie: Lie Detection and Deception and Attachment Styles

  • Laura Sodero

    Honours Thesis: Two Truths and a Lie: Investigating the Influence of Relationship Style and Personality Variables on Deception Detection

  • Nicole Tibbetts

    Honours Thesis: Verbal Credibility Assessments of Incarcerated Violent Offenders' Memory Reports: A Consistency Analysis

  • Britany MacKie

    Directed Research Project: A Qualitative Exploration of the Relationship between Alcohol Abuse and Violent Offending

  • Jordan Ritchie

    Directed Research Project: Exploring the Relationship between Attachment Style and Adverse Experiences on Substance Misuse in a University Population

  • Jordan Ritchie

    Directed Research Project: Exploring the Relationship between PTSD and Violent Offending


  • W. Michael Butts

    Honours Thesis: Assessment of Number of Details in Memories of Perpetrated Violence

  • Sydney Trendell

    Honours Thesis: Defining Sexual Assault: Analyzing How Cultural Factors Influence the Way People Perceive and Define Sexual Misconduct and their Satisfaction with the Canadian Legal System

  • Jordan Ritchie

    Directed Studies Project: A Review of the Relationship between Attachment Styles and Lie Detection and Deception