Dawn N. Jutla, BSc, MCSc, PhD



Full Professor, Dept. of Finance, Information Systems, and Mgmt. Science, Sobey School of Business


Founder/Founding Director, Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program


R&D Interests and Achievements : Across Multiple Fields

Dawn has an extensive background in technology innovation and development. She is T-shaped with a depth of experience in both business and technology. Her range of expertise crosses the boundaries of information technology, business models, strategy, marketing and sales, knowledge management, benchmarking for performance management, and economic development.

An award-winning, multi-disciplinary researcher and full professor in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University, Dawn received her undergraduate degree from the University of the West Indies, and both her Masters and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the Technical University of Nova Scotia. Her 1996 PhD work on multi-view access control has been cited in Xerox, IBM, and Koninklijke Philips Electronics' US patents.

Her subsequent research work, continuously funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada throughout her university career, has received over 850 citations in the areas of information system design and models for electronic business, e-business readiness, government, and online privacy. Her journal articles have appeared in high-impact venues including the
Communications of the ACM, Information Systems, IEEE Security and Privacy, IEEE Computer, International Journal of Electronic Business, the Internet Research Journal: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy, Journal of Information Assurance and Security, International Journal of Information Security, and Identity in the Information Society.

Dawn is the 2009 winner of the
World Technology Award for IT Software in the Individual Category. A selection of her 90 research publications include "Layering Privacy on Operating Systems, Social Networks, and Other Platforms by Design," "PeCAN: An Architecture for Users' Privacy-Aware Electronic Commerce Contexts on the Semantic Web",  and a "Socio-Technical Architecture for Online Privacy". The latter two publications form prior art related to the Harvard Project VRM that is championed by Doc Searls. More recently, she convened and now co-chairs the OASIS Privacy by Design Documentation for Software Engineers (PbD-SE) Technical Committee with Dr. Ann Cavoukian. She is also an active member of the international OASIS Privacy Management Reference Model's Technical Committee since 2010. She was elected as a Director on OASIS Board of Directors for the term 2012-2016.

In an university administrative capacity, she has served as Acting Chair in the Department of Finance, Information Systems, and Management Science for a year in 2005-2006, and as Chair during 2008-2009. In early 2011, she was shortlisted after an intensive face-to-face interview for the position of Dean of the School of Management at the New Jersey Institute of Technology from a field of over 40 applicants. After NJIT selected a more qualified former Dean of the NSF to its management leadership from its shortlist, in November 2011, Dawn proposed and primarily authored the proposal for the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation program with participation from the Halifax community, thereby founding the first program of its kind in Atlantic Canada, and the first to be hosted out of an AACSB-accredited Business School in Canada, and possibly the US. 

Dawn created the MTEI's program's vision, learning objectives, program goals, and options, firmly situating them in a context of economic development. Her work on the proposal for the MTEI program has provided a foundation for others in the Sobey School to build on. She served as the MTEI's Founding Director from January 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013 and successfully launched the innovative program in record time- within 3 weeks of its MPHEC approval on December 6, 2012. In July 2014, she was elected by the university to oversee the MTEI program's direct administration once more. In between, she co-chaired the OASIS Privacy by Design Documentation for Software Engineers, and helped drive and shape the international standards-track committee specification draft and notes deliverables produced by its highly qualified Technical Committee members in June 2014.

Dawn joined the Sobey School of Business as a part-time instructor in 1992, and took a full-time appointment in September 1997. She has great breadth in the instruction of information technology having taught 24 different information technology courses at every program level in the Sobey School of Business, and at the graduate level in Computer Science, Electronic Commerce, and ICT degree programs at several other universities. Throughout her 20-year career as a university professor, she has taught content that ranged from the technology-centric to business-centric. Dawn has been renewed every 6 years as adjunct professor to the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University since 1998. She is also adjunct to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Dalhousie University.

Dawn is also active in business-technology consulting, particularly in the development of business, information technology and big data strategies for organizations. She provides professional services on projects for local, national, and international software organizations, standards organizations, and privacy organizations. Dawn regularly presents to expert audiences in e-business, privacy, big data, and computer science areas such as cloud computing. Most importantly she spreads her extensive knowledge from industry practice as well as from research in the classroom.

Results-oriented and forward-thinking, Dawn demonstrates a superior track record in the training of highly qualified personnel and is in high demand as a research supervisor. She fully supervises students and actively contributes to the Masters of Business Administration, Executive MBA, Master of Applied Science, International Development Studies, and PhD (Management) programs at Saint Mary's University and to the Master of Computer Science and Master of Electronic Commerce programs at Dalhousie University. Dawn and a former student are co-authors of a book entitled: e-Business Readiness: A Customer-Focused Framework which forms part of the Addison Wesley Information Technology Series. Several of her former students are company founders, hold C-level positions in small entrepreneurial companies, or are in technical positions at large organizations. Many students have published technical work under her direction.

Dawn enjoys collaborating with other international researchers and students who are also enthusiastic about IT. Many of her collaborators are in the fields of Mathematics, Computer Science, and/or Business. She thinks that it is important to expose her students to global and timely research problems. Dawn has supervised over 50 graduate students and served for 5 years across 2 terms on Saint Mary's University Board of Governors.