Dr. Anthony (Tony) Charles

School of the Environment and School of Business

Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 3C3

Tel: 902.420.5732 | Fax: 902.496.8101 | E-mail: tony.charles@smu.ca


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Aquaculture Community-Based Management Fishery Systems Policy and Planning
Bioeconomics Ecosystem-Based Management Illegal Fishing Small-Scale Fisheries
Canadian Fisheries Fishery Collapses Indicators Successful Fisheries
Canadian Oceans Fishery Conflict Indigenous Sustainability and Resilience
Climate Change Fisheries Economics Location-Specific Studies Uncertainty and the Precautionary Approach
Co-management Fishery Management and Governance Ocean & Coastal Management  
Communities Fishery Rights Parks, Protected Areas and Biodiversity  


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