History 203.0, The Twentieth Century.

For a brief indication of the content of the course, see the course outline.

Listed below are various resources for the course. You may download and print them off. Please remember that all this material is copyrighted, and if you use any of it in essays etc., you must give proper credit as you would any other research material from books or articles.

The numbered items are lectures. The indented items are readings especially appropriate for the particular lecture under which it is listed; the readings are in pdf format. The numbers following the reading entries give the size of the files.

1 Social and Economic Change

2 The Enlightenment

3 Ideological and Intellectual Traditions

4 Metternick and Conservatism

The Statesmanship of the Old Order: Metternich's Conservatism 557K

The Nineteenth Century Challenged: "The Syllabus of Errors" 265K

5 Liberal Traditions

Adam Smith 588K

Liberalism 156K

Industrialism and Economic Liberalism 642K

John Stuart Mill 1M

John Stuart Mill: On Liberty and on Representative Government 272K

6 Socialist Traditions

Utopian and Scientific Socialism 1M

7 Nationalism

Militant Nationalism, Racialism, Imperialism 420K

8 Racism and Social Darwinism

9 The New Imperialism

Rhodes' "Confession of Faith" of 1877 16K

10 Militarism

11 Imperialism, Capitalism and World War 1

12 Morality and Diplomacy--Impact of World War 1

13 Britain and France in the 20th C

14 Russia and Revolution

Rostow's 5 Stages of Economic Growth 290K

Pan-Slavism 288K

15 The Emergence of 20th C Sensibility

Stromberg, The Crisis of European Thought: 1880-1914 1M

The New Irrationalism 1M

16 Fascism Part 1

16 Fascism Part 2

17 The Holocaust

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